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Welcome to Diversions Needlepoint!
We are located just south of Denver, Colorado, at 410 West Hampden Avenue in Englewood.

We pride ourselves on our extensive in-store inventory of needlepoint canvases, threads, accessories and more. Our staff consists of experienced stitchers who have been trained to select threads and recommend stitches in order to achieve the perfect effect. We are happy to take orders by email or phone, or stop by the store during our operating hours of 10AM-4PM, Tuesday-Saturday.

COVID19 Update:  Please click HERE to see how we are working to keep our customers and staff healthy.

HOLIDAY FINISHING DEADLINE: As one might imagine, lots of stitchers were doing lots and LOTS of stitching during the COVID shut down, leading to a mountain of finishing for our finishers. As a result, we have moved our holiday finishing deadline to September 15th. Pieces must be in the store by close of business on the 15th in order to have them back for holiday gift-giving.

THREAD DISCOUNT! Beginning August 1st, 2020, all canvases purchased through Diversions will receive an automatic discount on threads that are purchased to stitch them! That's right! Until the last stitch is stitched on a Diversions piece, the stitcher will receive a 10% discount on thread purchases for that canvas. Of course, we continue to yarn canvases purchased from other sources. A yarning fee of 10% of the cost of threads will apply.

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Hope to see you in our shop soon! HAPPY STITCHING!