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Welcome to Diversions Needlepoint!
Thank you for visiting our website!  Here are some hints for the quickest route to achieving needlepoint nirvana!

Stop by our Store.  We look forward to showing you around our Englewood, Colorado shop!  We have thousands of canvases and complete lines of threads to help ensure that you leave with a needlepoint project that suits your fancy!  Our inventory is so vast, in fact, that we can't keep up with it on our website.  Instead, we invite you to sit back and....

Shop Our Designers. View countless needlepoint canvases from our 80+ designers in the comfort of your own home by clicking on links to designers' wholesale websites.  Once you've picked a canvas, contact us to make your purchase.  

Take Classes.  No matter what your level, we have a class for you.  Click​ here to see our current schedule.

About Us.  Learn more about our store and its products and services.

We hope you enjoy your visit.  Please let us know if you have any comments.