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About Diversions Needlepoint

We are open from 10AM-4PM MDT Tuesday through Saturday. We have created shopping parameters so that we can keep the shop sanitized, accommodate physical distancing, and meet the needs of as many of our customers as possible. We're always happy to take orders over the phone or by email. Read below to see how it's going to work.

I know exactly what threads and/or canvas I need: Please email the shop at diversionsnpt@msn.com or call us to place your order. We will contact you when the order is ready for curbside pickup, and we are happy to ship to you upon your request. 

I want to browse and select threads: Our limited opening will EXCLUDE the thread area of the store. Only employees will be allowed in this area. You may call us from the parking lot and leave your piece with us with specific instructions for what you wish to buy. We will contact you when the order is filled to arrange for either curbside pickup or shipping to your home. You will have the opportunity to approve our selection before your purchase. Unfortunately, because employees will likely be busy with customers in the store, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to shop while you wait. Please expect to have to return to the store for your order. 

I want to buy a new stitching project: First, browse our in store inventory by clicking here to see a video of our general subject in-stock canvases or here to see our Christmas stocking inventory. Call us to arrange for a purchase of something in the videos, and keep checking back for additional videos. Also check out Our Designers' wholesale websites. See something you would like to have? Note the stock number and give us a call to order.

Here are our in-store shopping requirements: 

  • Please DO NOT come to the store if you are sick or have been in contact with anyone who has been ill within the prior 14 days.
  • No more than TWO shoppers will be allowed in the store at any time. Please call us when you arrive for a canvas browsing session; we will keep track of the waiting list. Please wait in your car until a shop girl waves you in. Do not congregate in the parking lot and do not shop in groups larger than two.
  • Face masks will be required. We will provide hand sanitizer for your use as you enter the store. Please stay 6 feet away from the other shopper and all employees, as best as possible. Please bring your own pen for signing receipts.
  • Shopping sessions will be limited to 30 minutes when there is a waiting list to enter the store.
  • We will not be able to provide any lessons, stitch advice or other one-on-one guidance. We're happy to recommend good books that can give you lots of great ideas.
  • If you would like to purchase threads to go along with your new canvas, we will take down your thread preferences and call you when we have selected your kit. You will have the final ok before you make your purchase. 

I have finishing to drop off and/or pick up: If dropping off, please take a moment to write down your preferences for style, fabric color, twist, and/or bling. Include a contact number and a VISA or MasterCard account number, expiration date, CVV number, and billing zip code. Call us from the parking lot and we will come to you to collect or drop off your finishing.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation with these policies!

Diversions Needlepoint